Welcome home to the family of the Creator

Thank you for considering joining us as the family of the Creator.

Many visiting this site may not know where they stand in regards to this family.

That is quite all right.

Our prime purpose is to explain the 2 kingdoms.

The Kingdom of light vs. the kingdom of darkness.

Originally everything was in the Kingdom of light. Upon the creation of mankind about 6 thousand years ago the Angelic leader of worship in Heaven decided since the Father of light left Heaven for the first time to make mankind he would take his place in Heaven.

This act of rebellion in Heaven, the first of its kind, led to a subjugated dark kingdom where a third of the Angels, those already assigned to the Angelic leader of worship, would be assigned to.

The Angelic leader of worship sought to destroy this new Creation, the first of its kind anywhere in the Universe, mankind on our planet called Earth.

LORD God Almighty (Yahweh Elohim ElShaddai) returned to Heaven as the Angelic leader of worship turned toward Earth to kill mankind. Yet as the Father returned to Heaven, his plans were destined to prevail. Although his plan for the first race, humankind, to be a race to bring Glory & Honor to him and serve him only, led as he shared his Holy Spirit. That vision turned to one where a remnant of mankind would remain true to the vision as God adjusted to the rebellion as it spread from, 1st, a Heavenly rebellion to an inclusive mankind rebellion.

Death was the first consequence. Banishment from Eden was the second consequence. Continued rebellion led to a third consequence, the world wide flood, after which a remnant nation, Israel, was born to suffer until LORD God Almighty sent his son to suffer for a time to release the Holy Spirit. Lord Jesus Christ was his son from the beginning. He willingly came to mankind to be their Messiah (Christ) & Savior, born of a regular woman virgin of Israel. To continue and empower all mankind through the Holy Spirit of God, his original intent before the rebellion, to take part against the rebellion through their free will offerings to serve the King of kings & LORD of lords.

Our duty as believers in the LORD of lords & his son Lord Jesus Christ is to define the boundaries of the 2 kingdoms expressing them from the Divinely Inspired books making up the Bible.

No weapons formed against us shall proper, we have Divine power through the Holy Spirit to tear down strongholds and release captives and those who are willing to give up their blindness for true sight.

Join us at your will and consider the facts of the battle for humankind. You decide which of the 2 kingdoms, light or darkness, to serve. You don’t get to change your mind after death. Everyone is designed by the Father to live eternally. Either eternity in Hell in torment or eternity in Heaven serving God.

The choice is yours, we are here to answer your questions and serve the Kingdom of He.